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Here is a very interesting article written by Lisa Iscrupe about bitcoin mining energy consumption.

This is an image of Bitcoin miners

Bitcoin Mining Energy


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's Cryptocurrency Trading Guide 2020

Just click on the image below to learn more about trading cryptocurrencies


How it Works:

First Steps:

Kraken Intelligence's Crypto Wallet Security 101

Real Life Trading

For anyone who plans on starting to trade or invest I would highly recommend learning how to read and analyze chart data. The very best place I recommend for this education is Real Life Trading:

They have a great online community, two trading rooms that you can pay to enter, and a ton of free educational videos. I have over the years spent an enormous amount of money on many other educational courses, not one of them comes close to what Real Life Trading has to offer. 

Shieldfolio Stonebook

The Worlds Most Secure Notebook for Crypto

It's Up To You To Keep Your Crypto Safe!

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